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Cheap VPS in Poland

October 23rd, 2012

I would like to recommend you VPS server that I use for more than year and I’m very pleased using it. The company hosting it is ViHost.pl. From variety of option i use the one called VPS 1. Parameters are:

  • ~ 1 Ghz CPU
  • 1GB RAM + 1 GB SWAP
  • 10GB HDD
  • 1 IP address
  • 100/100 Mbit
  • OpenVZ virtualization

The greatest advantage is price – 24PLN for a month. You probably won’t find better VPS with lower price on polish market. They keep their servers in Gdańsk’ datacenter (recently moved from Germany). Also the communication with helpdesk and their availability is great. Some time ago I’ve got a DDoS attack on my server, it was on on saturday about 10 PM and I got a reply in 15 minutes.

So, if you are looking for good and cheap VPS in Poland I can recommend you ViHost.pl 🙂


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  • Pavel says on: March 6, 2013 at 05:09


    Not much good as a recommendation if they don’t run their business for International customers.

    (1) # Pole wymagane: Województwo # = ?

    (2) Metoda płatności : Przelew Bankowy Transferuj.pl ?

    (3) Do not accept telephone number beginning with ‘+’

    Poland might be a solution for cheap VPS. Kimsufi / OVH refuse to accept British customers despite the European single market.

    Polish prices are low enough to be very attractive. Even poor people living in slums understand some English but not, so it seems, your friends at https://vibiznes.pl/panel/cart.php?a=checkout

    Hopefully vibiznes.pl will improve.

    P.S. In this text box you should increase (in CSS) the line-height to 145%.


    An European Englishman.

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