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Comcute – volunteer computing project

March 30th, 2014

Recently I’ve found out that my alma mater had created a volunteer computing project called Comcute. It’s first distributed computing project in Poland. It has been made as an real alternative for BOINC system. The project got a financial grant from polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

Comcute has some unique features that distinguish it from other projects of that type. It works with any modern internet browser – you don’t need to install any additional software to start. The computation algorithms are implemented in JavaScript. Selected usage of the system:

  • Genetic Positioning of Fire Stations
  • Image Processing Techniques
  • Mersenne Number Finding
  • Distributed Detection of Selected Features in Data Streams

There is also a Wikipedia article about the system. It can be found here.

Official website: http://comcute.eti.pg.gda.pl