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IDE for Python

October 28th, 2012

Python hasn’t got any official IDE (besides IDLE which we cannot call complete Integrated Development Environment, it’s rather Python graphical shell). The most popular environment for Python is probably PyCharm. It’s very complex in functionality but quite simple to use IDE, I use it in Intel and I can say that it’s very enjoyable. It’s biggest disadvantage is price and that excludes PyCharm from the private use on my laptop.

I must’ve find some replacement to develop applications in Python. My colleague helped me with this problem and proposed me extension for Visual Studio called Python Tools for Visual Studio. I was very surprised by a level of support for this language. It gives a full handling of autocompletion with IntelliSense and provides us debugging mechanism known from Visual Studio – the basic and most fundamental functionalities for programmers 😉 There are lots of other minor features that help coding in python with Visual Studio but I give you a free hand to discover them 🙂

I can definitely recommend you Visual Studio with the extension mentioned above as a primary IDE for Python for private use.